X-Message-Number: 24980
Subject: CI's 68th Patient
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 04:43:21 US/Eastern

   The Cryonics Institute has received the mother of French
cryonicist Yvan Bozzonetti as our 68th patient. Yvan was 
informed by his funeral director that cryonics is illegal in France and 
that ice is "strictly forbidden". So the ice that Yvan had packed
around his mother's head was removed and she was stored
at refrigerator temperature by the funeral director. After a 3-day
struggle with French authorities his mother was released to the
British funeral director Barry Albin, who tranported her to the 
UK where she was perfused before shipment to Michigan. 

   Yvan feels that the 3-day ischemia at refrigerator temperature
suffered by his mother only gives her a "very slim chance", 
but evidently feels that it is still a chance that should be taken.
He tells me that he will write about his problems in more detail
in CryoNet. 

          -- Ben Best, President, Cryonics

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