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From: "Joe Waynick" <>
Subject: Alcor Preservation #67
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 16:41:16 -0700

     Alcor Life Extension Foundation performed the cryopreservation of a
Florida man, (identified here as A-1099), on November 2, 2004. This was
another difficult case because after the deanimation of A-1099 his relatives
had him embalmed and attempted to have him cremated. Fortunately, an alert
estate attorney for the member contacted Alcor within 24 hours of his
pronouncement, and Alcor personnel were able to track him down and prevent
his cremation just hours before it was to take place. 

     The patient was packed in dry ice by a friendly mortuary and shipped to
Alcor where he was cryopreserved. This brings the total number of patients
to 67.

     A more detailed Case Report and a full explanation of the circumstances
surrounding this patient will be published in an upcoming issue of Cryonics
Magazine and subsequently posted on the Alcor website.

--Joe Waynick, CEO/President



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