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Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 07:37:15 EST
Subject: Stem cell research

There has been a serious (intended) lack of communication in the current  
stem cell research area.  The Bush administration limited goverment funds  to 
current lines of embryonic stem cells.  It made it illegal for the  federal 

government to fund new embyonic lines.  It did not limit other  forms of stem 
research with goverment funds.  It did not restrict  privately funded 
research.  You know California passed the 3 billion dollar  stem cell research 

proposition.  You know the core issue in this is the  "right-to-lifers" that are

deluded into thinking every embryo has a  "soul".  They will continue to be the
force of resistance to change.   They are also likely to be the biggest threat 
to cyronics (for impeding the  souls release) and anti-aging.
James R Hughes, MD

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