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From: "David Pizer" <>
Subject: Just because you are signed up doesn't mean you will get suspended!
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 14:28:56 -0700

Yesterday this announcement was on Cryonet:

"Alcor Life Extension Foundation performed the cryopreservation of a
Florida man, (identified here as A-1099), on November 2, 2004. This was
another difficult case because after the deanimation of A-1099 his relatives
had him embalmed and attempted to have him cremated. Fortunately, an alert
estate attorney for the member contacted Alcor within 24 hours of his
pronouncement, and Alcor personnel were able to track him down and prevent
his cremation just hours before it was to take place."

I have know of several (perhaps you could call it "many") suspensions that did 
not happen or barely took place, and if they did happen they were very bad 
suspensions, and of some cryonicists who did not get frozen at death, and some 
who got talked out of continuing to be members (Alcor loses many members every 
year - I don't know about CI - no one knows for sure why all these people drop 
their memberships), or persons who had relatives who discontiued their 
suspension arrangements when the member got older and senile. 

One of the biggest danger for a serious cryonicist is that when he/she gets old 
(and if mentaly frail or painfully ill) the relatives or friends, or courts or 
strangers will try to make it happen that you don't get suspended.  Or you might
die alone and rot for hours or days.

We need a cryonics community for young and older members.  The Venturists are 
working on this and our financial plan and resources dictate that it will take 
at least 3 more years before we can start to design and build the community (if 
everything goes well and as planed).  This could be moved up if there were 
others who wanted to make significant investments in this now.  I would expect 
investors to get a market rate or above market rate return on investments.  

Otherwise, don't get old and/or sick yet.  
............................................................  And three years 
goes fast.

David Pizer

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