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Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 15:39:01 EST
Subject: prompt notification of deanimation

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>   Of the last 4 cases mentioned on Cryonet (2 CI and 2 Alcor) are were
> difficult cases, featuring several days of ischemia. I don't know what the
> long term batting average is for these two organizations, but I do agree
> with David it could use a little improvement. Any ideas out there?

I just received a mailer from ADT/Bel Air security, a security service I use 
for my house in California.   They have a new service they offer using remote 
sensors in the house for monitoring elderly or shut in or assisted care 

patients... it costs about $30 monthly.   If the sensors installed in your home
detect unusual changes in the patterns, the ADT security calls the home or 

provider for the elderly.   If the house is unoccupied and the alarm is set, the

sensors are disabled.   I think this is an ideal situation for cryonicists... if
you don't get up in the morning the security service would investigate.   You 
could eliminate the potential of being not found from days to only hours.   
There's also a wrist worn help buzzer.   And I could see wearing something in 

your sleep that would be a health monitor, monitoring your pulse or body temp.
Eventually I see having a body monitor with alert signal and GPS in case you 
have trouble unexpectedly.   

Mike Donahue 

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