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From: Tim Freeman <>
Date: Mon,  8 Nov 2004 20:11:41 -0700
Subject: Re: [CN] difficult case(s)
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>  Of the last 4 cases mentioned on Cryonet (2 CI and 2 Alcor) are were
>difficult cases, featuring several days of ischemia. I don't know what the
>long term batting average is for these two organizations, but I do agree
>with David it could use a little improvement. Any ideas out there?

Good question.

One obvious one is, if you're rich, don't arrange your will so your
relatives have a financial incentive to defeat your cryonics.

Another is, live in the US, preferably close to your cryonics
provider, especially if you have a terminal condition.

I hope there are more answers to this than just mine.

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