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Subject: Alcor Membership Recruitment Meetings
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This is text from a flyer Saul Kent handed out at the
last Alcor business meeting in Southern California.
			Russell E.  Whitaker

Schedule of Alcor Membership Recruitment Meetings
	by Saul Kent

Alcor membership recruitment meetings should be held every three months,
immediately after business meetings, in Southern California, Northern
California, New York, South Florida, England, and Australia.  Each
meeting will include a slide presentation on cryonics by a local member,
at least one sign-up counselor, and the distribution of Alcor literature
purchased by the local group.  Food and refreshments will be served, either
brought or paid for by local members.  Membership prospects will be invited
by mailings (bulk rate) to everyone in the area on Alcor's mailing list, the
Life Extension Foundation's mailing list, and other mailing lists that may
be provided by members (mailings outside the U.S. should be done locally); by
advertisements paid for by local members; by appearances on local radio & TV
shows on the part of local members; and by word-of-mouth by local members.
By holding these meetings right after a business meeting (when such meetings
are scheduled), there is a guarantee that there will be local members in
attendance. Special efforts should be made to persuade as many local members
as possible to attend these meetings and to invite their friends,
acquaintances, and business associates.

Individuals in the process of signing up for membership should be invited
to these meetings so that they can receive direct, person-to-person help in
completing the sign-up process from trained Alcor counselors. As these
meetings proceed, we can expect to see individuals who were introduced to
cryonics at an earlier recruitment meeting completing their sign-up at a
later meeting.

Here is a tentative schedule for Alcor membership recruitment meetings:

Sunday, Jan. 5, 1991 - Southern California
Sunday, Jan. 12, 1991 - Northern California
Sunday, Mar. 16, 1991 - New York
	(meetings dates should be changed from Sat to Sun) ***
Sunday, Mar. 23, 1991 - South Florida
Sunday, Apr. 6, 1991 - Southern California
Sunday, Apr. 13, 1991 - Northern California
Sunday, May 4, 1991 - England
Sunday, May 11, 1991- Australia
Sunday, Jun. 15, 1991 - New York
Sunday, June 22, 1991 - South Florida
Sunday, July 6, 1991 - Southern California
Sunday, July 13, 1991 - Northern California
Sunday, Aug. 3, 1991 - England
Sunday, Aug. 10, 1991 - Australia
Sunday, Sep. 14, 1991 - New York
Sunday, Sep. 21, 1991 - South Florida
Sunday, Oct. 5, 1991 - Southern California
Sunday, Oct. 12, 1991 - Northern California
Sunday, Nov. 2, 1991 - England
Sunday, Nov. 9, 1991 - Australia
Sunday, Dec. 14, 1991 - New York
Sunday, Dec. 14, 1991 - South Florida

*** [ At the Sat. Nov. 17 meeting of the Alcor New York group (CSNY),
      we discussed Saul Kent's proposal to change the meeting dates to
      Sundays.  (All other Alcor groups meet on Sundays.)  Most of the
      members were satisfied with meeting the 3rd Saturday of the month
      and didn't want to confuse people by switching dates, so no
      changes in meeting schedule are planned.
      We did, however, raise money for a copy of Steve Bridge's slide
      presentation on cryonics and will be able to present that to the
      public in 1991.  - KQB ]

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