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Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 06:44:17 EST
Subject: Additional insight regarding optimizing chance of good suspension

In a message dated 11/9/2004 5:01:12 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
Tim Freeman/others wrote:
>  Of the last 4 cases mentioned on Cryonet (2 CI and 2 Alcor)  are were
>difficult cases, featuring several days of ischemia. I don't  know what the
>long term batting average is for these two organizations,  but I do agree
>with David it could use a little improvement. Any ideas  out there?

Good question.

One obvious one is, if you're rich,  don't arrange your will so your
relatives have a financial incentive to  defeat your cryonics.

(Rudi Hoffman writing):
Profound observation, Tim and others!
I think that most realists among us would agree that economics and finance  
are a strong driver of human behavior.  
One important added insight to Tim Freeman's comment above related to  
cryonics is this.  Make sure the secondary or contingent beneficiary of  your 

cryonics life insurance policy does not have a BUILT IN financial  DISINCENTIVE 
your cryonics wishes!
Most of us automatically put our spouse or relatives or friends down as  

contingent or secondary beneficiaries.  While this may be fine if we really  
these people to carry out our cryonics wishes, it DOES, as recent cases  have 
pointed out, carry a built in "conflict of interest."

Which is why I am currently encouraging people to consider naming their  

cryonics vendor as beneficiary REGARDLESS of whether a suspension is possible or
Another KEY point is this, and this is fairly easily accomplished. 
It is silly, small thinking, short sighted, and...well...selfish to only  

have a minimum amount of life insurance.  You need to have a BUNCH to leave  to

your family and loved ones, and they are much less likely to scramble over  the
amount going to fund your cryonics arrangements.
BTW, I don't use "selfish" as a perjorative term very often, being in part  
on Ayn Rand Objectivist who of course wrote a book entitled "The Virture of  

But to be paltry and petty in obtaining adequate  amounts of coverage to take 
care of the people and organizations you care about  more than anything in 

the world is just plain old fashioned dumb.  And we  cryonicists may be a bunch
of things, but most of us don't think we are "plain,  old fashioned, or dumb!"
Life insurance allows you to have a huge estate at PENNIES on the  dollar.  
It is affordable in incremental payments on an annual or monthly  basis.  And 
you can be damn sure that a properly named beneficiary or  beneficiaries will 
GET the money without delays or unknown risks associated with  probate.  
We all hope to be "richer" someday.  But you can leave a legacy of a  huge 
contribution to organizations and people you care about TODAY through the  
affordable leverage of a modern miracle called life insurance.    

Have a bunch of it, (millions are good!) spread it around with  carefully 

thought out beneficiaries, and the odds of your successful suspension  and 
your most PRECIOUS possession, YOUR life, go up dramatically?
So, to the Google corporate slogan, "Don't be evil." We can add another  
foundational piece of wisdom, "Don't be petty with your insurance  amounts!"
Yours for Centuries,

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