X-Message-Number: 25011
From: "Basie" <>
Subject: Say goodbye to your CD memories
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 15:29:29 -0500

"Now Mr. Cohen's three home computers are filled with tens of thousands of
photos, songs, video clips and correspondence.

Over the years, Mr. Cohen, who moonlights as a computer fix-it man, has
continually transferred important files to ever newer computers and storage
formats like CD's and DVD's. "I'll just keep moving forward with the stuff
I'm sentimental about," he said.

Yet Mr. Cohen said he had noticed that some of his CD's, especially the
rewritable variety, are already beginning to degrade. "About a year and a
half ago they started to deteriorate, and become unreadable," he said.

And of course, migration works only if the data can be found, and with ever
more capacious hard drives, even that can be a problem."

References will be given on request

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