X-Message-Number: 25015
From: "DADA DODO 6" <>
Subject: Im not with you for that
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 00:03:02 +0000

Hi John,

I think it is important to promote and try to get famous people to cryonics 
because it will help your relatives to convince them to freeze you when you 
die, one of my argument to show that cryonics is not weird is when I talk 
about Robert Miller a billionaire interested in cryonics as me.. do you 
understand my point and my logic, let me know your opinion

My next of kin is my brother and I didnot convince him stiff enough to be in 
security for me to be cryopreserved, you know what I mean ? Even if I said 
that smart people such as Marvin Minsky sign up for cryonics.

So I think it is for people like me a good point to convince famous people 
because it will help my relatives to understand more cryonics and to accept 
more this final wishes. So the more we are in this cryonics the less weird 
we will look like. So I am strongly against you for 3 point on this paper:
http://www.cryonics.org/whydontwe.html , I dont have support for both side 
from cryonics member and from my family it is very difficult for me


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