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From:  (David Stodolsky)
Subject: CRYONICS: Cryo database
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 93 14:41:30 +0100 

Numerical and visual inventory of cryogenically stored specimens, cell
lines, genetic samples, tissue culture specimens, bone marrow, heart
valves, human egg and semen cells.  CryoBase has the ability to track
inventory as a traditional numeric database but can also visually display
the location of the specimens within liquid nitrogen storage tanks or
ultra low temperature refrigerators.  The program can display all of the
major square and pie shape inventory systems as well as cane and straw
type inventory.  The program is pre-configurable by the user so that any
number of tanks or refrigerators with multiple inventory types can be
tracked.  Data fields are also user definable.  CryoBase can also track
liquid nitrogen use, which is helpful in predicting and avoiding tank
failure.  An alternate version of the program is available for users
interested in "free" or empty space management.  An on-line reference
system is available which details the methods of cryopreservation as
practiced by the American Type Culture Collection.  A module can be added
to handle quality control statistics necessary for CLIA regulations.
OSHA regulations and forms can be loaded into the program for printing
and on-line reference.  Bar code interfacing is built in to the program
interface.  Flexible importing and exporting to popular spreadsheet
programs.  The program is multi-user capable and access can be limited by
passwords for security.

Phone support
Full program manual
On-line help files within programs
Update letters for registered users
Service contract available.

Cryo Graphic Systems, Inc.
189 Townsend St., Suite 200
Birmingham, MI  48009

Macintosh II series or Higher, System 6.x or System 7 versions available, Min. 2
RAM - 40 Meg Hard Drive.

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