X-Message-Number: 25056
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 09:53:55 -0800
Subject: Clarification to Donald
From: <>

Dear Donald,

Just to be clear, I think the odds of the soul surviving freezing 
are less than 0.01%, and the odds of the soul surviving current 
vitrification protocols are less than 5% (under optimum conditions).
 I'm hoping another 10 years, maybe 20, will increase these odds 

However I hestitate to say this, because I know many people on 
Cryonet either know people who were frozen/vitrified, or plan to be 
frozen themselves (due to lack of choice or funds for vitrification)

Clearly, many recent Alcor/CI cases have zero chance. A delay of 6 
hours would be catastrophic for brain integrity, but these recent 
delays are in some cases orders of magnitude greater. I can 
understand why they are frozen, but it is a symbolic gesture at 
best. Hopefully it can provide some income to the organizations.

Best Regards,

Richard B. R.

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