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Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 12:02:40 -0800
Subject: Non-Physical Souls
From: <>

Dear Gary:

"In my view Mike Perry has framed the issues succinctly and I think 
he makes a compelling case for a non-material 'soul' as a program 
or law describing a pattern irrespective of the substrate upon 
which it is instantiated. Thank you Mike Perry.  I really do 
appreciate clear thinkers as there are so few of them these days."

How can you make a case for the existence of a non-physical thing? 
What would the arguments look like? And if you did make a case for 
the existence of a non-physical thing, how would you prove it has 
properties, such as the property of being able to experience qualia?

In the first case, you can't prove or give evidence for the 
existence of a non-physical thing. In the second case, even if you 
could, you can't prove or give evidence for it having any 
properties at all, let alone the property of experiencing qualia.

I think Mike acknowledges he can't make a case for his view of the 
soul. That's not what he's trying to do. He merely strives for 
consistency in his explanation of what he views as a possible 
alternative theory, one which can provide comfort for the non-
theist, with regards to all the people who would otherwise forever 
be dead.

Best Regards,

Richard B. R.

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