X-Message-Number: 2507
From: Ralph Merkle <>
Subject: CRYONICS Alcor North January Meeting announcement
Date: 	Mon, 3 Jan 1994 15:53:42 PST

Alcor North Monthly Meeting

Date:     Sunday January 9, 1994
Time:     4:00 pm
Place:    The house of Ralph C. Merkle
          1134 Pimento Ave
          Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Directions:  take 280 or 101 to 85.  From 85 take the Fremont
exit towards Sunnyvale.  Turn left at Fremont and Mary
(a major intersection with shopping centers), and then turn
right about a block later on Ticonderoga (there's a turn signal at
this intersection).  Go about a block and turn left onto Pimento.
1134 Pimento is the second house from the far end of the block,
on the right.

The business meeting is from 4:00 to 6:00, the pot luck is from 6:00

You're welcome to attend just the business meeting, just the potluck,
or both.  Conversation tends to a broad range of subjects including
cryonics, life extension, future technologies, and the like.  Of
particular interest this month is the fact that the medical examiner
of Santa Clara County is now Dr. Angelo Ozoa, a 68-year-old forensic
pathologist who "stresses the importance of empathizing with the families
of the deceased" (according to an article in December in the SJ Merc).

We also need suggestions for speakers at future meetings, so come prepared!

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