X-Message-Number: 2508
Date: 03 Jan 94 22:11:15 EST
From: Brenda Peters <>

To Members of ALCOR N.Y. (and others):

The creation of a new Cryonics organization, CryoCare, and its affiliated 
corporations has forced a decision on the members of ALCOR N.Y. as well as the
members of the other local groups.

In my opinion a number of facts can no longer be ignored:

1. CryoCare and its affiliated entities were created by and are composed of 
what has been the intellectual, technical, and financial core of ALCOR.

2. Many members of ALCOR N.Y. have already resigned from ALCOR and initiated 
sign up procedures with CryoCare. Others including officers of ALCOR NY have 
indicated an intention to do so.

3. ALCOR NY owns from 10 to 15 thousand dollars worth of suspension equipment 
bought and paid for by you, the members of ALCOR N.Y., or contributed directly
to you. In addition there is about $2,500.00 in the ALCOR N.Y. bank account 
that is the property of you, the members of ALCOR N.Y.

ALCOR N.Y. also has three N.Y. State Certified EMT's on its stabilization 
team, most or all of whom may be switching to CryoCare.

In addition I maintain two vans registered and insured in my name at my 
expense which are available to transport this equipment and EMT's anywhere in 
the N.E. The above represents, such as it is, the best stabilization and 
suspension capability on the East Coast.

4. Some members of ALCOR N.Y. have expressed an intention to remain with ALCOR

I cannot in good conscience advocate abandoning those members who elect to 
remain with ALCOR CA. Therefore, I am taking the preliminary steps to 
incorporate the N.Y. group as an independent cryonics society, "Cryonics 
Society of N.Y."

We are not alone in the crisis. In the next few weeks the same decision is 
being faced by all the other local ALCOR groups. The group known previously as
ALCOR D.C. has elected to change its name and has already incorporated itself 
as an independent entity: The Life Extension Society. The Cryonics movement is
in an unprecedented upheaval. According to the E mail ACS and TransTime are at
each other's throats.

The next meeting of Alcor N.Y. (and CryoCare) will take place on Sunday, 
January 16, 1994, at the usual location and time: 72nd Street Studios at 131 
West 72nd Street, New York (between Columbus & Broadway), beginning at 2PM. I 
urge all of you to attend as it will be one of the most critical meetings in 
the history of Cryonics in New York.

By that time I hope to have some current information as to the plans and 
intentions of the other local groups.

If anyone at CryCare has any illusions that ALCOR CA has gone belly up, I 
suggest that you look at the January issue of Omni magazine. The full page ad 
that appears there is in my opinion the best Cryonics ad I have ever seen. But
keep in mind the irony of the situation: it is an ad that was designed and 
written some time ago by Charles Platt, who is now one of the primary 
activists in CryoCare.

Curtis Henderson
New York 

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