X-Message-Number: 2514
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 94 9:51:36 EST
From: Stephen J. Van Sickle <>

Dr. Donaldson:

(The sound of cheers and rousing applause)

As a relative newcomer to cryonics, I couldn't agree more with your posting.
The infighting and politicing has not bothered me in itself; these things
happen in human affairs and provide a good substitute for spilled blood.
The effect this has had on the scientific progress of cryonics is another
matter, however.

I would like to pose a question.  Given the current state of the art, what
is the most promising avenue of research given a limited budget (no more 
than 200,000 to 300,000 dollars)?  I have in mind research to improve 
suspension technology rather than investigate the effects of current methods.

It would be good to here from the major cryonics organisations on this.
(Although it is understandable if the for-profit companies choose to
remain silent.)  What are your plans?

Stephen J. Van Sickle

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