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Date: Fri,  3 Dec 2004 06:06:03 -0800
Subject: More on the QE, to Scott
From: <>

Dear Scott:

"Perhaps I'm mistaken but I brought up the point because I thought 
you had asserted that the QE resides in a localized area of the 

I don't imagine you can cut the QE out, or that there is only one 
possible QE 'circuit'.

When I say the QE is a subset of the brain, I mean simply I can 
lose chunks to my brain and still experience, even if, say, the 
scope of those experiences is reduced. But if I lost too many 
chunks, or chunks in the wrong places, I would be unable to 
experience anything.

A recent study should prove most illuminating to 
fsh120104.php). Apparently, ADDLs (a key component of Alzheimer's 
disease) bind specifically to synapses involved in memory. This is 
why an AD person can progressively lose their memories, and yet 
still be capable of experiencing.

I suspect future research will further elucidate the relationship 
between the brain and experience.

For now, I would just say, clearly not all brain activity 
correlates with subjective experience, and clearly not all of the 
brain is required for some subjective experience, which justifies 
my claim that the QE is a subset of the brain. This is not required 
for my arguments against patternism, I primarily use it to show 
others that there is some hope for cryonics, even though it does 
damage the brain.


You wrote:

"Second, why do you say that qualia are not experienced during 
sleep? I certainly have subjective experiences in my dreams like 
seeing colors, feeling emotions, etc."

Well, I was just referring to slow-wave (delta) sleep, in which you 
are not dreaming, but unconscious.


Best Regards,

Richard B. R.

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