X-Message-Number: 2521
From: Tim Freeman <>
Subject: CRYONICS High Temperature Preservation
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 94 09:43:15 EST

From: "Richard Schroeppel" <>
>After a reasoned discussion of what he thinks is wrong with Skrecky's
>proposal, Darwin proposes he should shut up, and that anyone
>publishing his stuff is irreponsible.  Mike, is there some
>forum where we can discuss our ideas without offending you,
>or wasting your valuable time responding to our claptrap?

There's a good article by Hugh Hixon about why high temperature
storage doesn't work.  It is cited in the FAQ and available as cryomsg
0015.  If you don't want to waste people's time, then read the FAQ
(cryomsg 0018) before posting.  That's what FAQ's are for.


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