X-Message-Number: 25239
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 15:59:00 -0800
From: Mathew Sullivan <>
Subject: Re:  More on the copying and splitting of brains 

First, I should note that my opinions expressed here are mine alone and I 
do not speak on behalf of Alcor.

Considering what will be required to repair "current" patients, my belief 
is that the patient's brain will be repaired and initially hooked up to a 
virtual reality program.  Once the patient has been apprised of the events 
that have occurred since their deanimation, they will be provided options 
to complete the repair process.  I believe we will have the option to have 
both a physical body and a virtual one at the same time.  I see no need to 
limit our selves to the choice of a physical body or a virtual one when we 
can have both at the same time.

When I went to the theater to watch Virtuosity with Danzel Washington, I 
was inspired by the concept of uploading into a liquid glass body and took 
it one step further, replacing liquid glass with liquid diamond.  I've also 
imagined long-term survival can be achieved by means of duplication while 
spread over something of a wireless network.  Think of the Borg from Star 
Trek, but with your personality and friendly.  No need to assimilate or 
destroy cultures when we can trade knowledge and experience.  Rather than 
mindless drones, they would be perfect copies of you.  Even though you 
would be composed of liquid diamond, you could look and feel just as fleshy 
as you do now.  The only deviation would be a time delay in communication 
between copies.  As individual experiences propagated throughout the 
collective, feeding the network mind with knowledge, the collective mind 
would evolve as a whole, and then the collective perspective would feed 
back to the copy.  Think of each copy of yourself as similar to an 
individual cell within a brain, but each copy would also represent the 
whole mind.


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