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Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 15:07:05 EST
Subject: Re: Corrections and a question

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> (2) 'I' am the changes that happen to this brain, together with
> this brain (in which case, I am both part a happening and part an
> existing thing; and the part of me that happens may stop, but as
> long as the part of me that exists continues to exist, the part of
> me that happens may resume, and I have survived).
This sounds right to me.   I know there are cases of brain activity ceasing 

due to trauma or hypothermia, then resuming, and the person, we all presume, is
the same person, not a copy of that person.   So reanimating the body would 
be the way to go for reanimating the person.   Although I think there may be a 
time in the future where we have copies of ourselves functioning in computer 

Mike Donahue

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