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Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 15:30:34 EST
Subject: EMF Freezing Question?

Does anyone know anything much about the EMF freezing that has been discussed 
here on cryonet?   It seems like a dream come true if it works to LN2 

temperatures.   So... you would take someone at the moment of death, stick them 
in an 
EMF freezer, and then dump them into LN2?   Or would you still want to 
perfuse people, or possibly radically change the perfusant used, if the cell 
membrane damage is no longer an issue?   

Also is there significant damage by exposing tissue to high EMF fields?   I'm 
assuming the field does not need to be maintained for the duration of the 
freeze.   Although I remember something about the dangers of introducing ice 
crystals into   vitrified H2O... caused rapid crystalization doesn't it?

I'd really like to hear from Robert Ettinger at CI and some of the folks at 
Alcor about this.   Its a really exciting idea.   One wonders about a day in 
the not too far future where EMF freezers are at all hospitals and trauma 
centers-- and really, how expensive is a big freezer and some big magnets? 

Also, does EMF freezing work well for a quick freeze?   I think it might 
considering its planned use for food processing.   it might be interesting to 

discuss that as well,    one could postulate an EMF chamber where a body would 
directly introduced to dry ice or LN2.   Shades of Demolition Man... who 
woulda thought it?

Mike Donahue 

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