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Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 22:00:57 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Re: Policy on Uploading
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Robert Ettinger wrote in part:

>Those who  actually join CI
>and contract for suspension are those who rely on survival in  the meat, and
>it would be a gross breach of faith to substitute something else.  I think 
>Perry agrees on this.

And I do agree--someone who contracts for "survival in the meat" should get 
what they contracted for, except in extreme circumstances of the sort that 
have been noted (this applies of course to any cryonics organization, Alcor 
as well as CI in particular).

>  In short, I think the fear of being uploaded rather than  repaired is very
>far-fetched and one of the least of our  worries.

I think so too. At present we are by appearances a very long way from 
uploading. If progress is faster than seems possible, so that uploading 
becomes feasible before "in-the-meat" reversal of cryopreservation, then by 
that time progress will be at such an accelerated pace that I think other 
important milestones will be quickly reached too. As for one procedure 
being more expensive than another one, I'm looking to automation to curb 
expenses so it won't matter much.

BTW, I've been mostly offline for more than a week now, while my computer 
was rebuilt twice. (I hope, needless to say, that this is enough for 
awhile! I must gratefully thank Mathew Sullivan, our in-house hardware 
expert, who gamely struggled through all this and probably learned some 
things in the process.) There have been some interesting postings I want to 
respond to, as you can imagine.

Mike Perry

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