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Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 10:14:25 -0500
From: Randolfe Wicker <>
Subject: Possible opportunity for cryonicists!

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A possible opportunity for those interested in attempting to network as 
cryonauts with those working in other fields of alternative medicine might want 
to explore this advertisement which I noticed today (Saturday, December 11,2004)
in the "Daily Tip from www.DrWeil.com .  I see that it has a link to 
integrativemedicine.arizona.edu/af. .  Arizona is the center of the Cryonics 
movement in several ways.  At least, it is a "geographical" center. They might 
not be open to including us yet.  However, this seems to me to be "a possible 
opportunity" to build bridges to those who will most likely be the ones to 
accept, include and support us.

                  Associate Fellowship in Integrative Medicine - Applications 
                  now being accepted for January 2005.

                  Join a vibrant community of clinicians throughout the world as
                  they learn new ways to help their patients by integrating 
                  complementary and alternative medical therapies with 
                  conventional medicine. The University of Arizona's Program in 
                  Integrative Medicine is currently accepting applications for 
                  the next class of the Associate Fellowship. The faculty 
                  includes Dr. Weil and other experts in the field who will 
                  train physicians, physician's assistants and nurse 
                  practitioners in the philosophies and techniques of 
                  integrative medicine. This innovative program incorporates 
                  interactive online education with limited residential 
                  training. Learn more at integrativemedicine.arizona.edu/af.  
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Randolfe H. Wicker
Founder, Clone Rights United Front www.clonerights.com 
Spokesperson, Reproductive Cloning Network, www.reproductivecloning.net 
Correspondent, StemCloned Digest, WWW.STEMCLONEDIGEST.COM 
Advisor, The Immortality Institute, www.imminst.org 
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