X-Message-Number: 25286
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 23:54:09 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Why Choose Cryonics

Richard takes issue with me for insisting on choosing cryonics given that I 
think death is not final and everyone will eventually return to 
consciousness. He also says, "I should think, you should kill yourself, and 
repeatedly kill yourself, until you find yourself instantiated in a 
suitable universe (one with potential for long life and happiness)." But 
suppose, taking this approach, I had to kill myself a billion times over to 
be so fortunate as to find myself reconstituted in a setting that permitted 
even one hour of reasonably painless existence? Or suppose (and I happen to 
think this is more likely) that in my first resurrection I am prevented 
from again committing suicide, and put under treatment so I can be cured of 
such inappropriate tendencies?

In my book I go into these sorts of issues at length, and I can't repeat 
all the arguments here. But basically, while we can hope the infinite 
multiverse will provide for resurrections in some form for everyone 
(invoking the patternist view of course), probabilities and not just 
possibilities play a crucial role. I don't know how I can emphasize this 
point enough, even though at present there is very much we don't know about 
such things, that is to say, what to expect in the way of actual 
probabilities. Still, the likely scenarios I imagine for resurrecting 
people will involve benevolent advanced beings who will carry out such 
projects as a kind of labor of love. This does not mean, however, that the 
path will be smooth for everyone who is resurrected. How smooth it will be 
will depend, among other things, on the nature of the concept of 
benevolence that has developed among those in control, and what they in 
their considered judgment think is best for each case under consideration. 
They will be the Heaven-builders, their charges the Heaven-beneficiaries. 
Ultimately the beneficiaries will take their place among the builders, too, 
or so I think, though the path could be an arduous one for those not 
well-disposed from the beginning.

Those of today who are well-disposed, on the other hand, should see the 
logic of choosing cryonics. The basic idea is to get in on the action as 
soon as possible and take one's place among the builders rather than being 
among the others for possibly an extended period of time. Choosing cryonics 
will surely further that aim, supposing it works, and there I am 
optimistic. (There are other pro-cryonics arguments too.)

Best to all,
Mike Perry

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