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I spent some time at the local (abysmally run) library, looking up
periodical citations on cryonics and nanotechnology.  I was using a CD-ROM
terminal with paper output.  What follows is what later scanned and cleaned
up on my Mac.  I'm using Nisus, and having a hell of a time adjusting text
output to fit ASCII communications.  Please tell me if the text is unreadable;
I can thereafter send test messages until the process is tweaked.
The following list is, of course, by no means comprehensive.
Russell E. Whitaker

[ Russell, thanks for the list.  The text was readable, but still required
  substantial processing by the local liveware to produce the more attractive
  format below. - KQB ]

The Big Chill
Epstein, Miles
American Legion Magazine Vol, 129 Iss: 3 Date: Sep l990 pp: 16-18
Jrnl Code: GALE ISSN: 0886-1234 Jrnl Group: Lifestyles
Some people believe the fledgling science of cryonics can help them cheat
death by preserving their bodies - or just their heads - in frozen suspension,
awaiting resuscitation in a future world.
Photograph; Death & dying; Life; Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Feature Long (31+ col inches)

Dead Clever
Lofthouse, Juanita
Punch Vol: 299 Iss: 7798  Date: Jul 13, 1990 pp: 30-31
Jrnl Code: GPUN ISSN: 0033-4278 Jrnl Group: Commentary
A funny look at planning a funeral is presented. Shopping for a best-buy
undertaker, the upside of cremation, recycling body parts, state funerals,
cryonics, acid bath funerals and being stuffed and mounted are discussed.
Illustration; Funerals; Death & dying; Humor
Feature Long (31+ col inches)

'Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow'
Billingsley, K L
Spectator Vol: 262 Iss: 8387  Date: Apr 8, 1989 pp: 16-17
Jrnl Code: GSPE ISSN: 0038-6952 Jrnl Group: Commentary
Drug culture icon Timothy Leary intends to donate his head to the Alcor Life
Extension Foundation, a California-based cryonics institute. Other
developments in the cryonics movement are surveyed.
Death & dying; Life; Head; Alcor Life Extension Foundation; American
Cryonics Society Leary, Timothy; Ben-Abraham, Avi
Feature Medium (10-30 col inches)

Putting Death on Ice
Ben-Abraham, Avi
Saturday Evening Post Vol: 261 Iss: 3   Date: Apr l989 pp: 60-62+
Jrnl Code: GTSE ISSN: 0048-9239 Jrnl Group: Commentary
Cryonics research, which is concerned with the freezing, thawing, and
revivification of cells and bodies, hopes to aid in the battle against aging
and death.  Possible implications of the latest research are examined.
Photograph; Research: Death & dying; Aging & longevity; Biochemistry;
Feature Long (31+ col inches)

Chilled out
Perrone, Peter
Interview Vol: 19 Iss: 1  Date: Jan 1989 pp: 20
Jrnl Code: GINT ISSN: 0149-8932 Jrnl Group: Commentary: Lifestyles
Cryonics and neuropreservation involve preservation of human bodies and heads,
respectively, at very low temperatures in the hope of reviving them someday.
The practices are discussed.
Illustration; Medical technology; Death & dying; Fads
Feature Medium (10-30 col inches)

An Ethical Appraisal of Cryonics
Doherty, Dennis J.
USA Today Vol: 117 Iss: 2524 Date: Jan l989 pp: 73-74
Jrnl Code: GUSA ISSN; 0161-7389 Jrnl Group: News
Cryonics would create enormous problems in the areas of housing, employment.
health care, and medical insurance. Some people consider the idea of
cryopreservation unethical, even if all the other proklems could be solved.
Death & dying; Ethics
Feature Long (31+ col inches)

A Head in the Cold
Billingsley, K. L.
Spectator Vol: 260 Iss: 8333 Date: Mar 26, l988 pp: 13-14
Jrnl Code: GSPE ISSN: 0038-6952 Jrnl Group: Commentary
The typically Californian practice of cryonics is explored. Devotees plan to
have their heads frozen in the hope that science will one day revive the head
and clone a new body.
Head; Social conditions & trends; California
Feature Medium (10-30 col inches)

Cold Storage
Vogel, Shawna
Discover Vol: 9 Iss: 2 Date: Feb 1988 pp: 52-54
Jrnl Code: GDIS ISSN: 0274-7529 Jrnl Group: SciTech
Cryonics is a special freezing process of the human body after death. Many
people have sought this process in the hope that modern science wiil breathe
new life into them.
Photograph; Death & dying; Research
Feature Long (31+ col inches)

Science: Heaven Can Wait a While
Seligmann, Jean; Miller, Mark; Buckley, Linda
Newsweek Vol: 111 Iss: 3 Date: Jan 18, l988 pp: 45
Jrnl Code: GNEW ISSN: 0028-9604 Jrnl Group:
News Authorities are questioning the involvement of Alcor Life Extension
Foundation in decapitating Dora Kent, age 83. Alcor's intent was to keep the
head by cryonic freezing until it could be brought back and attached to a
Photograph; Medical research; Death & dying; Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Kent, Dora
News Medium (10-30 col inches)

Chill Out! You Can Be a Multimillionaire in the Year 2090
Smith, Marguerite T.
Money Vol: 19 Iss: 7 Date: Jul 1990 pp: 34
Jrnl Code: MON ISSN: 0149-4953 Jrnl Group: Business
The Reanimation Foundation, the brainchild of Saul Kent, will invest money
for those who wish to have their remains frozen. A $10,000 investment will
have grown to $21.9 million by 2090, a nice little nest egg for the future.
The Alcor Life Extension Foundation will do the freezing.
Photograph; Investments, Future; Death & dying; Aging & longevity;
Alcor Life Extension Foundation; Reanimation Foundation; Kent, Saul
Commentary Medium (10-30 col inches)

Reruns Will Keep Sitcom Writer Dick Clair on Ice-Indefinitely
Kunen, James S; Moneysmith, Marie
People Weekly Vol: 32 Iss: 3 Date: Jul 17, 1989 pp 57-60
Jrnl Code: GPEW ISSN: OO93-7673 Jrnl Group: Lifestyles
The remains of Emmy-winning TV comedy writer Dick Clair, who died last
December, have been placed in cold storage by the Alcor Life Extension
Foundation until such time that medical advances may help him. Changes to his
will made 56 hours before his death to reduce the amount of money left to
Alcor are being contested by the foundation.
Photograph; Writers; Death & dying; Estates; Medical technology;
Alcor Life Extension Foundation; Clair, Dick
Feature Long (31+ col inches)

In-the-Body Repair Crews
Self Vol: 12 Iss: 8 Date: Aug l99O pp: 50
Jrnl Code: GSEL ISSN: 0149-0699 Jrnl Group: Lifestyles
The science of nanotechnology and its possible uses are discussed.
Nanotechnology may be a future alternative to surgery. Programmed robots
could be used to enter the bloodstream, diagnose and repair a problem.
Illustration; Medical care; Medical research; Robots
Feature Medium (10-30 col inches)

Molecular Magic
Cobb, Stewart
Ad Astra  Vol: 2  Iss: 6  Date: Jun 1990  pp: 22-25
Jrnl Code: GADS ISSN: 1041-102X  Jrnl Group: SciTech
Eric Drexler, innovator of the concept of nanotechnology or molecular
manufacturing, envisons a day when submicroscopic robots will manipulate
carbon atoms as easily as a child's building blocks, allowing materials of
all shapes and sizes to be fabricated out of diamond.
Photograph; Illustration
Inventions & inventors; Technology; Diamonds; Atoms & subatomic particles;
Robots; Biotechnology; Biographical profiles; Drexler Eric
Feature Long (31+ col inches)

The Invisible Factory
Economist Vol: 313 Iss: 7632 Date: Dec 9, l989 pp: 91-92
Jrnl Code: ECT ISSN: Q013-0613 Jrnl Group: Business; News
The future of nanotechnology is discussed. Eric Drexler, a leading expert in
the field, is also profiled.
Illustration; Science; Technology; Research & development - R&D Drexler, Eric
Feature Medium (10-30 col inches)

Nonexistent Technology Gets a Hearing
Amato, I
Science News Vol: 136 Iss: 19 Date: Nov 4, 1989 pp: 295
Jrnl Code: GSCN ISSN: 0036-8423 Jrnl Group: SciTech
The future of nanotechnology was discussed at the first major convention on
the topic in California.  Most of the technology remains in the imagination,
but such molecular-sized machines are seemingly possible.
Technology; Machinery & equipment; Conventions & conferences
News Short (1-9 col inches)

Nano and the Professor
Gardner, Fred
Interview Vol: 19 Iss: 1 Date: Jan l989 pp: 92-93+
Jrnl Code: GINT ISSN: 0149-8932 Jrnl Group: Commentary: Lifestyles
Fred Gardner interviews K. Eric Drexler, who is a pioneer in the field of
Photograph; Biographical profiles; Science; Technology; Chemistry;
Drexler, K Eric
Interview Long (31+ col inches)

Computer Recreations
Dewdney, A.  K.
Scientific American Vol: 258 Iss: 1 Date: Jan 1988 pp: 100-103
Jrnl Code: GSCA ISSN: 0036-8733 Jrnl Group: SciTech
Microscopic machines may someday be injected into the human circulatory
system to destroy unwanted organisms and fat. A look at research in
nanotechnology and the work of K. Eric Drexler.
Illustration; Medical technology: Computers & computer technology; Research
Drexler, K Eric
Feature Long (31+ col inches)

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