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Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 10:02:09 EST
Subject: "suffering" again

RBR wrote in part:

clearly  change of experience can only be the 
result of some measure of  dissatisfaction---i.e. thinking that some 
other experience will give you  more happiness than the present one, 
at the present time. This is what I  meant by 'suffering'

We make our ongoing choices in response to constant change, both external  
and internal. Those changes are not necessarily unpleasant. You may choose  to 

say that if I change from plan A to plan B, I must have been dissatisfied  with
plan A, but that does not necessarily mean I was suffering. If I am taking  a 
stroll and encounter an obstacle and walk around it, that does not  
necessarily mean the obstacle caused me to suffer. 
Also, of course, in terms of potential stagnation, as RBR said, there are  
changes over time and rhythms of existence. We have eaten thousands of times,  
but still enjoy it, even though we might not enjoy non-stop eating.
The proper definition of "suffering" is biological or neurological and not  
yet known (presumably a particular category of modulations of the self 

circuit),  but I see nothing to disprove Pearce's thesis--that suffering is 
Robert Ettinger

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