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Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 10:24:49 EST
Subject: Francois

Francois writes in part:

9a:  Brain A manifests mind X
Brain A2 manifests mind  X2

9b: Brain A manifests mind X
Brain A2  manifests mind X

He chooses 9b. This means that if two brains at different locations are  

identical, they "manifest" the same mind--and this, he believes, validates the
"patternist" view that a duplicate of you is yourself.
Yet again, this is merely the assertion that the pattern is the only  

important thing, from any viewpoint including that of the original. But once  
there is no proof here, nothing but the naked assertion and a very flimsy  
plausibility. The arguments against this assertion are manifold and have been  
expressed many times.
Robert Ettinger

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