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Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 15:01:06 EST
Subject: Re: cryonics bracelet [Kennita Watson]

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>     #25275: Re: cryonics bracelet [Kennita Watson]
the idea of a novel means of identification is good.   The problem with 

standard med-alert bracelets is hospital staff is likely to ignore them if you 
dead.   So, the idea would be to have something unique, and then advertise it. 
  I think it should be something relatively attention-getting, and since 

there's a lot of color coding already going on, I would suggest a multiple color

code- Red/Yellow stripes would probably work best, they are the two colors that
the human eye registers easiest- hence the familiar and ubiquitous McDonald's 
logo.   However, Purple/Yellow or Green/Yellow might work better than 
red/yellow in a hospital environment.

Mike Donahue 

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