X-Message-Number: 25340
From: "Omnedon" <>
Subject: Cryonics Bracelet
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 21:57:21 -0600

If it were just for aesthetics, I would suggest an ice blue bracelet in the
form of a Mobius strip:

However, I would guess that blue is already commonly used.  Therefore, a
more distinctive/practical color scheme would be needed.  Or...

On the other hand, maybe what is needed for everyone with alternate/atypical
medical requirements is a universally recognized medical band enhanced with
an attached USB data key with a corresponding printed URL (and password).
The USB data key and the URL would have duplicate data appropriate to the
medical demands of the bearer of the bracelet.  Said data could reference
anything and everything useful and relevant, such as cryonics arrangements,
images of legal documents, emergency contacts, etc.   Also, RFID may be
useful to add later.

If there are any EMTs out there, perhaps their opinions should take
priority.  (My only experiences with bodies are taking them to the morgue
after most twitching and breathing has ceased.)

(If anything I've said here is not as brilliant or clear as it could be, it
is due to the influence of flammable liquids.  At least that is the story to
which I intend to adhere...)

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