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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 16:09:09 EST
Subject: cryostats

Yvan  Bozzonetti asks about the mechanics of building cryostats, saying he  
wants one (?) for animals.
I won't go into detail here, except to say that ordinary boat type  

fiberglass is not suitable, or at least was not last time I looked. For example,
polyester fiberglass--the type most commonly used in the past--will crack in  

liquid nitrogen, hence cannot be used for the inner container, which we used to

make of epoxy fiberglass. Our  current ones, however, use a newer type for  both
inner and outer containers. Andy Zawacki can provide more detail if  desired.
More generally, it seems to me not likely to be an efficient  use of time or 
money to make them yourself. (There are also some hazards,  especially 
allergies.) You should buy them--in your own country if possible,  imported if 
necessary. We (CI) no longer do our own fabrication, but outsource  them.
If the animals you plan to use are smallish--say cat-sized  or smaller--you 
can usually buy a new or used hard-vacuum type for a few  thousand, big enough 
for several animals.
Of course, the main question is why you want your own cryostats. I can't  
think of any current scenario in which it makes sense to try for a local or  
private storage capability. 
Robert Ettinger

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