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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 16:54:54 EST
Subject: Re: Ben Best Christmas monograph is outstanding


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>   Whether we love it, hate it or simply accept it, Christmas thrusts
> itself into our lives every December. For years I tried to come to 
> terms with this event. The most "tangible" result of my struggle 
> has been a page on my website: "The History of Christmas":
>   http://www.benbest.com/history/xmas.html
>   I believe that this webpage is the most thorough &detailed 
> exploration of Christmas from an anthropological &historical 
> point of view that can be found anywhere on the web. It is 
> listed in the Yahoo Christmas directory:
(Rudi Hoffman writing)

I just finished Ben's amazing exposition of Christmas.  He has provided a 

remarkably evenhanded, well written, detailed explanation of the background for
this (almost) globally celebrated holiday.  I can see why this has been picked 
up by Yahoo as an anthropological study of the rituals and historical 
background of Christmas.  

Like a good anthropologist, Ben provides solid behavioral and cultural 

information.  He avoids value judgement, cultural bias, or religion/culture 
 While I did not see actual footnotes or references to the massive amount of 
detail he presents, the information correlates with other information I have 
researched, and seems to be reliable.  And very interesting.  I intend to 
forward the link to some people.

Tremendous writing on a highly timely topic, Ben.  Your education, intellect, 
and ability to summarize detail really shine in this piece.

Merry Christmas to all cryoneters, and to all a good night!

Rudi Hoffman


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