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Subject: more on cheap freeze
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 90 20:46:31 PST
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Rich, I hate to have this thing go through another round, but while your
heart is in the right place, you are just not up on the problems involved. 
For one thing, a small dewer is very inefficient, simple surface to vol
problems.  For another, few, very few people would be up to regularly
having LN2 delivered, and the neighbors asking what *that* was for.
And how about vacations?  Going to give them up? or have someone come
in and top off Gramps?  What about vac failure, something you can 
expect once every decade or so.  Do you have a spare dewer handy?
This would be barely possible for head only cases, but whole body,
ferget it, the dang dewers are 9 feet tall and weight about a ton
when full.  And the health department, man, what are *they* going to
say.  One last thing, so few people are interested in cryonics that
the cross product of being interested in it and having relatives
who are also interested in it is near zero.  In my case, neither
my parents or my grown kids are interested, with parents actively
hostile.  And even if you did, what happens in the *next* generation?
Sorry to say, but current cryonics practice is the outcome of a lot
of bitter failures.  Keith Henson

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