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Date: 13 Jan 94 08:17:07 EST
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: CRYONICS Which Company does What?


Several people and their postings continue to confuse the functions of the
four companies cohabiting the research facility (now located in Rancho
Cucamonga) which Mike Darwin and I have put together during the last two
years. This was made evident by Ben Best's statement in CRYOMSG # 2539:

>                                He was not aware of the nephrotoxicity
>of sucrose -- which is, after all, a very recent discovery by

While Mike Darwin is an eloquent spokesman for the research conducted at
our facility and the head of the research team which has conducted the
research, it would be wrong to equate Mike with BioPreservation and to
assume that BioPreservation does, and has done, all the research conducted
at the facility.

Presented in order of the company's date of creation, here is a quick
description of what each of the four companies does:

Cryovita Laboratories, Inc. (formerly Jerry Leaf's company)
President: Paul Wakfer
Research Director: Mike Darwin
Research Consultant: Steve Harris, MD
Research Consultant: Greg Fahy, Ph.D.

Work during last 2 years: Canine Asanguinous Hypothermic Perfusion

    Three dogs survived with no permanent deficits after more than five
hours of asanguinous perfusion at 3-4 degrees C.  (This work was ultimately
paid for by 21st Century Medicine, which purchased the rights to this work
and has been continuing the experiments since June 1993.)  Thus, Ben should
have said "a recent discovery of Cryovita Laboratories". 
    Cryovita has been dormant since July of 1993 since it has no funding to
pursue its research goals (see below).  This is partly because, while 21st
Century Medicine traded a large block of shares for the rights to
Cryovita's research and will eventually reimburse Cryovita for equipment
purchases and for contract research done, this reimbursement has yet to
occur because the 21st Century Medicine stock offering failed to raise
enough money to reimburse cryovita.

Future Research Plans: 1) Brain cryopreservation studies using rabbits
                          and other animals;
                       2) Optimal Storage Temperature Research.

    Cryovita's research mandate is: research into the effects of
temperatures below 0 degrees C on whole bodies, heads or brains which
is related to cryonics. This work is expected to lead to suspended
animation of the brain within 5 years.  The Director of this research
will be Greg Fahy. It was supposed to get started on a small scale with
the 21CM reimbursement money, but didn't.  We had planned and still do
plan to make a stock offering some time this year to raise money to
finance this research.

BioPreservation, Inc.
President and Sole Proprietor: Mike Darwin
Consultant: Steve Harris, MD

Work during last 2 years:

1) Rental of equipment to Cryovita and 21CM to conduct Canine Asanguinous
   Hypothermic Perfusion experiments.
2) Preparation for doing all aspects of human cryopreservation from    
   remote standby before legal death to cool-down at dry ice          
   temperature (-79C).
3) Training of team members on both field and operating room aspects of
   human cryopreservation using two dogs. In order to utilize the dogs
   in the best way possible, and because Cryovita had not yet         
   commenced any cryopreservation studies (because of lack of funds,     
   see above), the training was not done as a sham run but proceeded     
   all the way, exactly as a human cryopreservation.  The dogs are      
   currently sitting in a ultra-low temperature freezer at -90C and    
   will ultimately be studied for the damage effects of freezing. (See
   Mike Darwin for details.)

21st Century Medicine, Inc.
President (absentee): Sandra Russell
Business Manager: Paul Wakfer
Research Director: Mike Darwin
Research Director (for mouse longevity experiments) and Research Consultant
(for asanguinous hypothermic perfusion experiments): Steve Harris, MD.

Work during the last year:

1) Purchasing and outfitting the facility in Rancho Cucamonga.
2) Continuing the asanguinous hypothermic experiments.

    21CM's research mandate involves whole bodies at temperatures above 0
degrees C which is of use to cryonics, life extension and standard
medicine.  21CM, if it can get properly capitalized, expects to develop
salable products for use in recovery of humans from major bodily damage
in remote locations, maximal use of human organs, and minimization of
damage due to heart attacks and seizures within about 5 years.  Another
stock offering is planned and is expected to be presented to the
Biotechnology risk capital investment community by late spring of 1994.
(We believe that one reason for 21CM's disappointing sale of stock last
year was that we relied too much on the cryonics and life extension
communities to support the company.)

CryoSpan, Inc.
President: Paul Wakfer
Consultants: Mike Darwin & Brian Wowk, MS

    This company is the first long-term cryonic care service provider
for CryoCare Foundation.  Its job will be to accept cryopreserved
patients (both humans and companion animals) at -79C and to encapsulate
them, cool them down to -196C and hold them safely immersed in liquid
nitrogen FOR as long as the organization which has control over the
patient desires and pays for such services.  Currently, CryoSpan is
ready to accept neuro patients. A four-patient whole body dewar is
expected to be installed at the end of January. A serious study is
under way concerning the feasibility of protecting the dewars from the
effects of earthquake and fire by burying them underground.

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