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From:  (Thomas Donaldson)
Subject: CRYONICS Re: High Temp Cryonics wrap-up
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 1994 20:18:21 -0800 (PST)

To Ben Best:

I did not say that the reasons for survival of cities and survival of businesses
were the same, but only cited SOME businesses and SOME cities for survival
for a very long time. As for survival of businesses, they become more likely
to survive the longer they survive. Most new businesses fail comparatively 

Frankly it does not seem to me that a "head-on collision with the medical
establishment" is inevitable at all. There are lots of alternative medicines
around right now. They seem to be surviving quite well, even if their basic
tenets (consider homeopathy! which is actually much better established in
Europe, from what I could see when I visited Holland) conflict wildly not
only with medicine but with science generally.

It is, of course, important that we don't go about deliberately alienating
people. So far that has worked: the chief problem of cryonics is public
indifference, not public hostility. Of course, just like someone who 
spends his time skulking around in corners, if we generally act guiltily
we'll probably find ourselves taken to the police station for interrogation
if not worse. Cryonics is not and should not be anything to be ashamed of.

			Best and long long life,

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