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Subject: CRYONICS Alcor Laughlin Newsletter
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 16:58:32 PST

                       ALCOR LAUGHLIN
                     CHAPTER NEWSLETTER
          SATURDAY NOVEMBER 20TH 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  Marce Johnson       Eric Klien          Jerry Searcy
  Walter Johnson      Don Laughlin        Maria Searcy
  Tanya Jones         Derek Ryan          
                     CALIFORNIA SURPRISE
Tanya Jones and Derek Ryan gave us a surprise visit from Alcor 
headquarters. They provided us with information about the legal 
battles against the government officials in Arizona plus other 
interesting information. As an extra bonus, Marce and Walter Johnson 
from California visited us as well. 50% of the attendees from this 
meeting were from California!  
Alcor Laughlin is now charging $25/month dues per family. We have 
raised $475. Chuck Geshlider, Katie Kars, Eric Klien, Don Laughlin, 
Nick Pablica, Jerry Searcy, and J. D. Smith have been paying their 
dues so far. Jerry, Nick, and Eric are one month ahead of everyone 
else in paying them.  
                         PIZER TANK
We now have raised enough money to buy a Pizer tank. Jerry Searcy is 
speaking with Hugh Hixon to find out when such a tank can be 
purchased and how much it will cost.  
          SATURDAY DECEMBER 18TH 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  Chuck Geshlider     Don Laughlin        Jerry Searcy
  Eric Klien                              
Eric's mono was brought up at this meeting. His battle with this 
disease was the reason that the last newsletter was not mailed out. 
This was the first time this happened in the history of Alcor 
This new cryonics organization will be the topic of discussion at the 
meeting will be held at 1 P.M. on Sunday, January 16th in the 
Executive Office of the Riverside Casino.  Their promotional 
literature and sign-up packets will be available at this meeting.  
To reach the Riverside casino in Laughlin, Nevada, take 95 south from 
Las Vegas, through Henderson, where it forks between 95 and 93.  Bear 
right at the fork and stay on 95 past Searchlight until you reach the 
intersection with 163 a little before the California border.  Go left 
on 163 and stay on it until you see signs for Laughlin.  You can't 
miss the Riverside Casino in Laughlin, Nevada.  For more information, 
call Eric Klien at (702) 897-4176.  He'll be car pooling there with 
other Las Vegans.  
Please note that the meeting date has been changed back from Saturday 
to Sunday. This was done because Eric Klien's Atlantis Project 
canceled its hour long live radio show on Sundays due to host 

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