X-Message-Number: 25511
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 18:41:51 -0800
From: Mathew Sullivan <>
Subject: The slippery slope of a wishful future


My usage of the word was more from the perspective of those who cling to 
something of a bioconservativist view, thinking their identity will be 
forever bound to their biological structure in the traditional or natural 
sense.  As far as wet- and dryware are concerned, I think the difference 
will become blurred with time.  With access to molecular nanotechnology, 
many of us will transition from a biological existence to something that is 
much more.  As new technology comes on line we will do things such as 
augment and then replace blood cells with respirocytes.  Install internal 
cell phones with networking ability that starts from basic communication to 
eventually being able to transfer one's identity.  Reinforce our bones with 
diamond fiber that is stiff in some areas and flexible in organs such as 
skin to the point that we could go into space without the need for a space 
suit.  Slowly augmenting and finally replacing all biological brain cells 
with nano- and quantum-constructed cells.  As I mentioned in a previous 
post, I was inspired by the movie Virtuosity and upgraded liquid glass to 
liquid diamond.  I think we can look and feel like fleshy bags of water as 
we are today, but use little or no water.  I'm also comfortable with a 
Borg-like collective with more than one copy of myself, and they won't have 
to walk around like tin cans with the personality of something reminiscent 
of a zombie.  They or we can be just as personable and friendly as any of 
us today.  How far that fully synchronized collective can spread out is 
unknown at this point.  Since we all currently see by means of photons 
reflected off other objects, in the future, you will have the choice of 
absorbing or sending out photons in a controlled fashion, creating a 
desired image, or no image at all.  Or maybe maintain a natural state that 
would look like a figure made of water with maybe a few photons 
escaping/leaking as a consequence of physical or mental activity. With a 
liquid diamond body you could not only fly your ship throughout the 
universe, but merge with it and become the ship, surfing on solar flares 
for amusement if you wish.  That is about as radical as I can get with a 
prospective body for myself aside from such things as utility or maybe even 
quantum fog.  With a grand unified theory of the universe (M-Theory?), I'll 
be curious if someone can come up with a proposal for some type of multi or 
transdimensional being.  Although they should give me a little notice prior 
to the announcement so that I might take a Dramamine pill.  I hope we are 
all around to see how the real future unfolds, but in the mean time were 
stuck with wishful thinking.

Mathew Sullivan

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