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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 16:32:19 -0800
Subject: More on AI
From: <>

To John: You cannot network specific AIs to produce a general AI 
(many people have tried). GAI is fundamentally different, and 
requires a different design, than SAI. My argument is that SAIs 
will become more and more useful, to the point that virtually no 
one will be interested in GAIs anymore, because of their inherent 

To Robert: Idiot-savants are so named because in addition to being 
savants, they are also idiots. By which I mean they may be better 
at crunching numbers, etc., than other humans are, but they are 
worse at being human. Is that really what you want to be? Less 
human and more like a calculator? Note that my handheld TI 92 Pro 
can beat the pants off most 'idiot-savants' anyday, in a matter of 

As for the differences between humans and other humans, or between 
humans and apes, the differences are slight. The life of Einstein 
produced three results that are of great importance, but which are 
so small I can write on the back of a napkin. This is great for the 
human species but is pathetic in absolute terms.

We are not evolved to do math or to play chess. That we can do such 
things is a mere artifact of what we are evolved to do: reproduce. 
That is what a GAI does best, because that is what it was evolved 
to do. It cannot ever compete in any specific area, with an 
advanced machine designed (or evolved) to perform well in that area.

Humans have no future in the labor or science/technology 
industries. They cannot work as well as machines nor solve problems 
as well as machines. Their primary means of contributing to the 
economy will be through ownership of machines, not through their 
own contributions.

Best Regards,

Richard B. R.

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