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Date: Sat, 15 Jan 94 18:12:13 GMT
From:  (Michael Clive Price)
Subject: CRYONICS Alcor UK minutes Dec 93, take 2

Apologies for the mangled minutes.  Here is a straightened out version:
Minutes of the meeting held at Eastbourne at 11:00am on the 5th of
December 1993.  Minutes taken & prepared by Michael Price.

Meeting #[12]93

The meeting began at approximately 11:00am

Present were:
     Alaen Alger
     Michael Price
     Alan Sinclair
     Garret Smyth

Apologies for absence received from:

     Andrew Clifford
     Trisha Cross
     John Ellese
     Steve Strong
     Steve Whitrow

1    Previous Minutes

2    Actions (format: action#(meeting#)yr/actionee)

2[2]93/GS      Email EI to ER team      Paper copies (a couple of
                                        sheets) received.  Garret to
                                        post copies locally.
               Action continues

6[2]93/AJC     Subscription schedule    Computerised accounting system
                                        (for 1994).  Andrew to
                                        purchase a suitable PC next
               Action continues

3[4]93/MCP     Begging letter           Letter sent out with minutes
                                        to members (except for two
                                        members who owe less than a
                                        year's dues).
               Action continues.

1[6]93/MCP     Building Insurance       No excess option available -
                                        cost 475.
               Action complete

1[8]93/GS      Newsletter               Awaits input (see 1[11]93)
               Action continues

1[10]93/AS     Tubes and connectors     Thick tubing sources still
                                        being investigated.
               Action continues

1[11]93/MCP         FAQ                 List of questions and answers
                                        to be compiled
               Action continues

3    Progress

3.1  MII-HLR/Cylinders Ownership

     Alan has received an inquiry from Paul Wakfer (the new President
     of Cryovita) about the ownership of the MII HLR and gas cylinders
     (which we rent from British Oxygen).  Paul's claim is that the MII
     and cylinders (?!) are on loan from Cryovita (from when Jerry Leaf
     was President of Cryovita) and must be returned or paid for.  A
     discussion ensued with the conclusion that we needed more
     information from Paul, since there must be a misunderstanding
     somewhere along the line.  Garret to liaise with Paul.

1[12]93/GS          HLR/Cylinders            Clarify Cryovita's claim.

3.2  Membership

     Most of the meeting was given over to a presentation of the
     facility, followed by a discussion about cryonics with our two
     guests, over the Turkey Roast at Alan's.

4    Any Other Business

4.1  The next AUK meeting will be held at the facility near Eastbourne
     at 11:00am on the 16th of January 1993 - 3rd Sunday of the month
     due to holiday plans of various members.

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