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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 20:16:09 -0500
From: Randolfe Wicker <>
Subject: Foreign brain cells in your brain??

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Brain cells have now been cultured and grown in China.  They were taken off a 
chop stick that someone had stuck into their eye.

After being cultured and grown, the brain cells were implanted into another 
person with a brain injury and apparently took root and even helped the patient 
to walk again.

Now, with all these discussions about "identity", what happens if brain cells 
taken from another person are injected into your brain?

Aren't brain cells part of our personality, part of our essential personal 
identity?  What happens if a very large number of brain cells from another 
person become part of our brain?

I have no idea.  However, I find the idea both titillating and somewhat 

Cloningly yours,

Randolfe Wicker

Randolfe H. Wicker
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Spokesperson, Reproductive Cloning Network, www.reproductivecloning.net 
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