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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 18:51:45 -0800
Subject: The Fight Against Mythology
From: <>

Dear Jeff:

You wrote:

"To my knowledge, nobody's right to remain fearful of high speed 
travel had to be "suppressed" in order for train technology to 
flourish. I'm sure people who clung to their fear were the subjects 
of ridicule, and the same may apply to hard line physical identity 
fetishists. But poking fun is not 'suppression'."

Strict materialists have always been the subject of ridicule. 
Fortunately, we are growing in number. A thousand years ago, nearly 
everyone believed in the existence of the supernatural, be it in 
the form of a soul, or an abstract. Now, many fewer people do. I 
can hope that with genetic engineering, and the increases in IQ 
sure to come in the next few decades, more people will become 
swayed by the facts of reality, and come to believe exactly as I, 
that we are nothing more than hunks of grey matter enclosed by 
bone, and when you destroy those hunks of matter, we are no longer. 
There is no essence or pattern or process that can magically 
transfer to another 'host'. Such rubbish is for another century, 
and people of smaller intelligence.

Best Regards,

Richard B. R.

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