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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 19:58:10 -0800
Subject: To Francois, Again
From: <>

Dear Francois:

"You cannot reach that conclusion from that experiment. A video 
camera takes 25 images (or is it 30?) every second. The apple could 
be replaced during an interval between exposures and you would 
never know it. Ok, so this is only half serious, but it does 
illustrate limitations in what we can know about apples, minds and 
the world in general."

Don't be absurd. Do you reject all of science and the scientific 


You wrote:

"No magic, no mysticism, no Platonism."

Of course both Francois A and Francois B will think they are the 
original. Did you think I was confused on that issue?

We are not talking about what Francois A or B feels when they wake 
up. I am asking, if you are the original Francois, what do YOU see 
when you wake up. If you do not wake up, duplication is useless for 
personal survival, and if you DO wake up, you will see the moon, or 
the sun, but not both. So what do you see???


You wrote:

"If a second hunk of matter assembled in a closely enough similar 
way is located somewhere else, there will also be a subjectivity 
localized at that other place."

Actually, it doesn't even have to be assembled in a similar way. As 
long as it's a brain, there WILL be a subjectivity localized at 
that place.

Which is fine and dandy if all you care about is A subjectivity.

But I do not care about the existence of A subjectivity, if that 
subjectivity is not MINE. I care about MY subjectivity. MY 
subjectivity is localized to this location, inside my skull. While 
there may exist A subjectivity in a duplicate, located far away 
from me, it is not MY subjectivity, even if it is LIKE mine.

You wrote:

"It doesn't have to transfer, it's already there."

On the contrary, A subjectivity exists there. But it is not MINE. 
MINE is the one in THIS location, and if you wish to assert that MY 
subjectivity, which occurs in THIS location, suddenly occurs in my 
duplicates location as soon as I am killed, then you must postulate 
the magical hop, and the universal mechanism of hopping, and then 
prove to me that both exist.

Good luck.

Best Regards,

Richard B. R.

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