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Date:  Sun, 16 Jan 94 20:59:25 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject:  CRYONICS Arizona Move Update

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To CryoNet
>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
January 16, 1994

     A brief update on the Arizona move:

     This past week we submitted our official letter stating what we 
believe to be the position the Arizona State Department of Health Services 
should take on the sealed container regulation and several other issues.  
At the same time, we submitted our applications for transit permits for 
the patients.  We did not have any problems from the California DHS in 
getting our "disinterment-transit" permits.  Interestingly, the Arizona 
law specifically says that the state is REQUIRED to issue a "transit-
disposal" permit to anyone having a valid transit permit from another 

     From certain verbal communications, we believe the Az DHS (on the 
advice of the Attorney General) is about to accept our position that the 
sealed container regulation may not be enforced against anatomical 
donations.  For those who don't remember, our reasoning has been that such 
enforcement would in effect make it impossible for whole body donations to 
be accepted by anyone in Arizona and would mean that an administrative 
regulation was taking precedence over a statute, an action which is 
clearly incorrect.

     We expect an answer in the next two weeks or so.  I'll update you as 
soon as we know for sure.  But if this all works out, we'll be able to
move soon, and get to a place where we can do research and develop 
improved suspension technology.

     And after this is all over, I will write a history for Cryonics 
Magazine and Cryonet.  After all, as cryonics expands over the next few 
decades we may have to do this in many other states.  In the last two 
years Alcor has gotten a lot of practical experience in dealing with 
bureaucrats who were previously unfamiliar with cryonics.

     Steve Bridge

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