X-Message-Number: 2562
Date: 17 Jan 94 01:32:20 EST
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: CRYONICS Ben's Email Problems

To: Cryonet

>From CRYOMSG #2558 (Ben Best)

>                                               Canada Remote
>Systems delivered no E-mail for 2 days and then delivered 3 days
>worth on the third day.

    This is just the latest of many complaints and apologies that we
have had to hear about from Ben concerning his E-mail supplier.  In
addition, I informed Ben about two years ago that this same Canada
Remote Systems fraudulently accepted $900.00 of my money for a full
page display add in their Canada-wide newsletter advertising my disk
data recovery business, less than 60 days before they declared
bankruptcy.  They have never placed the ad nor returned my money.

    For the benefit of all of us Ben, will you please change your
E-mail service provider!

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