X-Message-Number: 2577
Date: 28 Jan 94 13:51:16 EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: CRYONICS: more on Ben Best's message

Hi Kevin!

I've noticed one important thing after being off Cserve for some time:
when I "reply" to a message, there is no easy way for me to insert
CRYONICS into the title of my reply. It looks to me as if I should 
not use "reply" in Cserve. But in the course of using this facility,
I did send a reply to Ben Best's message.

and here is an addendum to it:
Hi again!

In writing up my Reply to Ben Best's message, I'll say that on second
thought I was a bit too quick. 

While I remain unimpressed by what one person says, I do think that
incident should be treated seriously and not just ignored. Has Ben or
anyone offered to educate this guy about what we are doing/trying to
do? His writings (as quoted by Ben) seem to contain several misconceptions
which could injure us if spread around.

Ideally he should be approached by someone with medical qualifications,
such as one of our MD members (do I hear Steve Harris volunteering?).
If necessary I will send him some carefully chosen material, though the
fact that I am not a spokesman for any cryonics group, nor do I have
medical qualifications, may work against me.

One problem in evaluating opposition to cryonics is that if you look
you can find people who hold almost any given opinion. After all, there
are still Nazis around. The time to get worried is when you see that
opposition GROWING. The time to get REALLY worried is when it looks
like it will soon become the MAJORITY OPINION. So far, opposition to
cryonics has been sporadic and uncoordinated, and without support by
most of the public. In the real world that's about the best we can

Finally I do hope that Canadian cryonicists are doing something about BC.
It's best to get these things in their earliest stages, after all. I
did think that something was being done. Is it?
			Long long life,
				Thomas Donaldson

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