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Subject: December Harper's magazine mentions Cryonics

This is from the December 1990 Harper's Index (page 15).

    Number of the 26 human bodies frozen in the hope of being brought
    back to life that are in California: 24
    [source: Alcor Foundation (Riverside, California)]

    Estimated amount a $100,000 Individual Reanimation Account will
    yield in 2090: $219,976,130 (see page 27)
    [source: Reanimation Foundation (Vaduz, Liechtenstein)]

On page 27, there is an excerpt:



    From "How Rich Will You Be?" a brochure distributed by the
    Reanimation Foundation, an investment fund based in Vaduz,
    Liechtenstein.  The foundation offers investment accounts for
    individuals who plan to have their bodies frozen at death in
    the hope that they can be brought back to life in the future.
    An Individual Reanimation Account requires a minimum balance
    of $10,000.

    Q:  How long will it take for me to be reanimated?

    A:  Experts predict that in 50 to 150 years medical science
    will develop the technology to bring suspended patients back
    to life.  How long it will take for you to be reanimated will
    depend on how well you're suspended and on your physical
    condition at the time you're suspended.

    Q:  If it takes a hundred years until I'm reanimated, how much
    money will I receive?

    A:  If you assume a conservative average annual rate of return
    of 8 percent on your investment, the amount of money you will
    receive if you are reanimated in a hundred years is as follows:
    If you invest $100,000, you will receive $219,976,130.  If you
    invest $10,000,000, you will receive $21,997,613,000.

    Q:  Who will be investing my money?

    A:  A major Swiss bank with an excellent reputation for safe
    and prudent investments.

    Q:  But what about inflation?  Won't my money be worth less in
    a hundred years?

    A:  No.  In a hundred years, your money will be worth more than
    today because of advances in science and technology.  A hundred
    years ago a millionaire could buy relatively little with his
    money. Today even the modest sum of $10,000 can buy you an
    automobile, a color television set, and an airplane trip to
    Europe.  A hundred years ago, the wealthiest person on Earth
    couldn't buy the kind of medical care available to anyone on
    welfare today.  In a hundred years, you'll be able to buy youth
    and perfect health for centuries, super intelligence, super
    strength, super good looks, and trips to distant worlds
    throughout the galaxy.

    Q:  What will I have to pay for these things?

    A:  Probably not very much.  History has shown that improvements
    in technology produce increasingly better products for less and
    less money.  In a hundred years there will be utterly fantastic
    products -- such as miniature cell-repair machines that could
    restore people to life, health, and youth -- which may cost very

<end of article from Harper's>

Rich Schroeppel

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