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Date: Wed, 02 Feb 94 14:32:53 GMT
From: Michael Clive Price <>
Subject: CRYONICS Alcor UK January 94 Minutes

     [Alcor UK is distinct from Alcor LEF of the USA]

Minutes of the meeting held at Eastbourne at 11:00am on the 16th
of January 1994.  Minutes taken & prepared by Michael Price.

Meeting #[1]94

The meeting began at approximately 11:00am

Present were:
     Michael Price
     Alan Sinclair
     Garret Smyth
     Steve Whitrow
     Chris Williams

Apologies for absence received from:

     Andrew Clifford
     Trisha Cross
     John Ellese
     Steve Strong

1    Previous Minutes

     1993 in section 4.1 should have read 1994

2    Actions (action#(meeting#)yr/actionee)

2[2]93/GS      Email EI to ER team      Paper copies (a couple
                                        of sheets) received. 
                                        Garret to post copies
               Action continues

6[2]93/AJC     Subscription schedule    Computerised accounting
                                        system (for 1994). 
                                        Andrew to purchase a
                                        suitable PC next year.
               Action continues

3[4]93/MCP     Begging letter           Letter sent out with
                                        minutes to members
                                        (except for two members
                                        who owe less than a
                                        year's dues).
               Action continues.

1[8]93/GS      Newsletter               Awaits input (see
               Action continues

1[10]93/AS     Tubes and connectors     All purchased.
               Action complete

1[11]93/MCP    FAQ                      List of questions and
                                        answers to be compiled
               Action continues

1[12]93/GS     HLR/Cylinders            Clarify Cryovita's
               Action continues
3    Progress

3.1  Equipment

     We need an equivalent of Alcor US's Mobile Life Support
     System cart.  After discussion we decided to see if Hugh
     Hixon could send over a copy of the design plans for Alan,
     along with a quote (if an option) for the cost of Alcor US
     shipping parts to us.  We also need to obtain some spare
     HLR shoes for training and an instrument tray.

     1[1]94/MCP     MLSS                Ask Hugh for quotes for
                                        and plans, trays, shoes
3.2  Membership

     Mike gave a short account of his recent meeting with John
     Fearby.  For interested new members we need to obtain
     copies of Alcor US's new edition of Cryonics: Reaching for
     Tomorrow.  They're $5 each.  We'll order about 10 when we
     pay the 1994 dues, which we've been invoiced for.

     2[1]94/MCP     Dues and info       Mike to order booklets
                                        when paying dues.

     Bob Grahame has been having problems with finding a co-
     operative insurance company.

     3[1]94/GS      Insurance           Garret to advise Bob.

3.3  Funeral Directors

     The Cryonics Institute have reached some type of
     understanding with the funeral directors F.A.Albin and
     Sons, who specialise in overseas cases.  We had informative
     talks with them a while back but these lapsed after a
     change of ownership.  Since they are still interested we
     should resume discussions with them about protocols.

     4[1]94/GS      Funeral Directors   Re-establish links.

3.4  Security

     We need to upgrade the lock on the front door, from a 3-
     lever to a 5-lever mechanism, to comply with the insurance
     company's requirements.  Cost is about 15-20 plus labour. 
     Alan will see if he can change the locks himself.

     5[1]94/AS      Locks               Change lock and get new
                                        keys copied.

4    Any Other Business

4.1  The next AUK meeting will be held at the facility near
     Eastbourne at 11:00am on the 6th of February 1994.  We will
     review our procedure relating to perfusate preparation.

4.2  Our records and our memories bear out our interpretation of
     the ownership of the MII (see 1[12]93/GS), which we find
     compatible with Paul Wakfer's records, but not with his
     interpretation of them.

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