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From: T.Freeman
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Subject: Re: Reward the Resuscitators.
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Date: Thu, 3 Feb 1994 18:46:39 GMT

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Alexander Merel) writes:

   I don't know if this idea is new - I saw no mention of it in the faq,
   but I might have missed something. It occurred to me that an excellent
   way to motivate future research into cryonics might to make a bequest,
   in the financial arrangements that prepare for one's suspension, that
   would go to the person or persons responsible for one's resuscitation.

The rule against perpetuities makes this awkward.  This rule states
that you can't retain control of your assets for too long after you
are legally dead.  I'm not sure how long "too long" is; I've read ads
in magazines talking about trusts that last until your grandchildren
reach a certain age or legally die, I think.

Not all jurisdictions have this rule.  Saul Kent started up The
Reanimation Foundation in Liechtenstein (sp?), which does not have the

It seems plausible to suppose that if revivals are available at all,
poor quality revivals will be available a few years before decent
ones.  You don't want the people thawing you out to be in too much of
a hurry.

Tim Freeman <>    
Do you call yourself free?  I want to hear your ruling idea, and not
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