X-Message-Number: 2585
From:	Ralph Merkle <>
Subject: CRYONICS Alcor North Meeting, Speaker and Singularity Party
Date:	Fri, 4 Feb 1994 10:09:15 PST

Event: Alcor North Meeting, Speaker and Singularity Party
Date:  February 13, 1994
Time:  4:00 pm
Place: The home of Naomi Reynolds
       1444 Jeffery Avenue
       San Jose, CA

Talk:  Nanotechnology
Speaker: Charles Musgrave, winner of the Feynman prize in nanotechnology

Charles Musgrave will talk about nanotechnology starting at 4:00.  There
will be an abbreviated business meeting starting after 5:00.  The Annual
Singularity Party will be at 6:00.

Obviously, this is a "must see" event.

Directions: take Hwy 280 toward San Jose.  Take the 87 exit (Guadalupe
Parkway) south.  Get off at the Almaden Expressway exit.  Go to Foxworthy
(there is a light) and turn right.  Go to Plummer (stop sign) and turn
left.  Go one block to Jeffery and turn left.  Jeffery is a cul-de-sac
with limited parking, so you may have to find a space on Plummer.

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