X-Message-Number: 2588
Subject: CRYONICS: please no more provocations
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 1994 11:25:23 -0500
From: "Perry E. Metzger" <>

"David Cosenza" says:
> To whom it may concern at Cryocare,
> A few months back, Charles Platt identified himself here as the contact point
> for Cryocare. I've requested information and a sample of your new paperwork, 
> but I haven't gotten anything back as yet. Could someone please send me 
> information and paperwork, thanks in advance.
> Ever forward,
> David

What is wrong with this message?

This message need not have been posted to the net. If Mr. Cosenza had
wanted, honestly, to ask for information, he could just have called
Charles or someone else at Cryocare. He posted to the net, in all
likelyhood, to provoke reaction.

The split between Cryocare and Alcor is already done. There is no
point in fighting any longer. Please stop the sniping. Keep stuff like
this in private communication if it is legitimate, and if it is
illegitimate please don't post it at all.


PS I am not on the board of directors of any of the Cryocare
companies, or a customer of any of them as of yet (I do emphasize YET
-- I will likely join eventually). I suspect I'm disliked by several
of the Cryocare people, including Charles Platt. I also think that
this sniping is not called for.

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