X-Message-Number: 2589
Subject: CRYONICS:Xenon Cryoprotectant
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 94 15:02:58 EST
From: Stephen J. Van Sickle <>

Hello Everyone!

I recently found in a moldy corner of the local library a copy of
"Suspended Animation" by Robert Prehoda.  He seems to take great
stock in the idea of using Xenon disolved under pressure as a 
cryo-protectant.  I understand why this is not economically
practical ("lets see...price list...Xenon...<gasp><choke>"), but
I was wondering if this was technically possible, and if anyone 
actually has done research on it, or if it was just a pipe-dream
of Prehoda's.

Anyone care to take a stab at it?

BTW, Prehoda's account of the Bedford suspension and his vociferous
criticism of cryonics ("the freeze now crowd") makes for a fascinating
view of the opposition.


Stephen J. Van Sickle

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